our mission

Our mission is to support, strengthen and facilitate opportunities and provisions through...

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Your single coin is also worth of a life! So let us join our hearts and minds to support a genuine cause...

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CARES,D.No.6-40/1, Tatavaripalem(Village), Surepalli (Post), Bhattiprolu (M), Guntur (Dist), Andhra Pradesh

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our programs

CARES’ works under the Four Thematic Core Values - Environment and NRM, RD & LI Enhancement...

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CARES- Our Basic Values 1

CARES- Our Basic Values 2

Our Causes & Projects

10$ / 500$

Rural and Urban Slum Livelihood Enhancement Project

As part of our rural skill development and establishment of cottage/micro enterprises development initiatives for livelihood, income generation and thus to socio-economic-participatory development...
400$ / 700$

Child Rights, Rehabilitation and Welfare Initiatives

Children constitute principal assets of any country. Children’s development is as important as the development of material resources and the best way to develop national human resources is to take CARES of children...
400$ / 1000$

Environment and NRM - Water, Eco-restoration and Livelihood

Water the Elixir of Life without which nothing can survive on Earth – No human will live more than 3 days!! CARES works on reducing the pernicious threats on environment, forest resources...
400$ / 700$

Awareness Creation and
Knowledge Development

Awareness Creation is common with the developmental projects’ success being played a key role in positive changes among individuals, groups, societies...

Our Partners, Networks and Funders