CARES was registered in 2009 as non-profit voluntary service society in Guntur district, Andhra Pradhesh, South India. CARES was a need based awakening by a group of like-minded people to help the needy in times of urgency. Guntur and nearby districts’ socio-economic and educational conditions were so backward and had never experienced voluntary service or any of such development facilitating support as of the other places in the district Guntur. Seeing the much rearward conditions of the people and the areas, we thought and decided to support the people and the areas through a process of participatory aspects – CARES and rural people-collective works for own development. Thus since inception focusing on rural issues conducting studies and finding condign solutions to address them, CARES and facilitating development opportunities in a holistic and sustainable way. Thus CARES has a mission, which is to capacitate and facilitate the rural people of all categories to have actions among themselves for their own development and to protect the environment that CARES never kept away and forgotten throughout these all years of its struggle for rural people’s development. That’s the guiding principle and motivating factor for CARES to go forward even in its financial constraints to free the rural people from their own bondage of ignorance, inability and misfortunes.

CARES since commencement productively carries out various activities / programmes / projects in the areas of Child Development, Education, Women Development, Forestry and Environment, Skill Development, Establishment of Cottage Industries, Awareness creation on life basics, Research & Documentation in rural issues,

Rural livelihoods, Child Welfare & Rights, Agriculture, Health & Sanitation, Rural income generation, awareness creation on Acts /Rights etc. CARES intimately works with line departments, Govt. Agencies/organizations/departments and many and other likeminded voluntary institutions and well-wishers/social activists etc. The CARES has now a strong network of local NGOs, 600 CBOs it has formed and nurtured 250 wide children and women networks. The CARES invites voluntary partnership in its all activities and projects from NGOs, CBOs, Children and farmers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support, strengthen and facilitate opportunities and provisions through people-centred participation, knowledge development, mutual sharing and governance through integrated approaches towards socio-economic-health-livelihood-income-Rights development and empowerment and to endorse environment development through judicious utilization of natural resources and protection of flora and fauna.

Our Vision

We foresee a society in which every human being and living thing enjoy their Rights and development opportunities and prospects and in a sound environment.

Our Objectives

  • Educational activities for rural as well as urban children and child welfare activities and Rights based approach too
  • Women development, women’s Rights/participation/livelihood/and educational developments
  • Conservation of Bio-diversity and endangering and forest resources
  • Rural Health and Sanitation, hygiene improvement activities and eradication of the contagious diseases
  • Rural Skills up-gradation and Income Generation Programmes for rural youths and women in particular
  • Natural resource protection and organic/sustainable agriculture and livelihood sources
  • Provision of alternative energy sources to rural lives for basic needs
  • Micro finance provisions and to SHGs/MACTs etc for Enterprises and livelihood/income sources
  • Tribal Development - Integrated approach and Development of PTGs and SCs
  • Natural calamities/Disaster Management, offer Relief and Rehabilitation

Our Approach

  • Mobilization and Community Structures
  • Awareness Creation and Knowledge Developing
  • Trainings, Capacity Building and Strengthening
  • Participation and Sharing
  • Networking and Linkages
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Research, Documentation/ Planning and information dissemination
  • Rights and Democratic Approach

Our Thematic Areas of Work

Our Present thematic areas of works are:

  • Education and Child Welfare
  • Forestry and Bio-diversity/environment
  • Women Development – Skills development and income generation
  • Micro-finance for rural livelihoods
  • Agriculture and natural resource management
  • Animal welfare
  • Participation and sharing

Our Target Groups

Children, women/girls, farming communities, disabled people, Tribals/SC/Minority, animals-wild & domestic

Our Focus of Work

Women Empowerment, Rights Based, Education, Community Development, Rural Livelihood, Agriculture and Ecological Development, Environment and Forest Resource Conservation, Skills Development, Water & Sanitation, Disaster/Calamity Relief/Rehabilitation, Animal Welfare, Protection of endangering and jeopardizing flora/fauna/monuments/cultures etc.

Our Project Areas

CARES presently works over four states of southern India like Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Bihar, Kerala and Tamilnadu