Research Studies

Environmental, Forest Land, Common Land Degradation & Desertification and Issues of Rural Eco-Friendly and Livestock Based Livelihood:

It is a study that CARES conducts over the forests of NSTR and WLM Divisions that spreads over the Guntur, Prakasam and Kurnool districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States. The forests and reserve was once rich with bio-diversity, various flora and fauna that are of high medicinal values and rich for ecological balancing and also the provided grass for domestic animals too.

It is a study that CARES is now engaged in to know the extent of forest resources depletion, disturb of natural habitats of wild animals, animal-man conflicts, livelihoods of forest-dwelling/depending communities & their impacts on forest, desertification of forest lands etc over the 54 forest fringe villages of the core and buffer areas of the WLM Markapur and NSTR.
Uppalapadu bird sanctuary is one of the south India’s natural sanctuaries which shelters more than 12000 birds of various varieties of migratory bird that are rare and endangering; few even critically endangered. The study is to know the status of the sanctuary in connection the recent years’ less bird protective status of it that resulted in shifting birds. There are various factors and issues the sanctuary faces and the study also proposes to have a master plan to save the sanctuary.
  • Eco-restoration through agro-forestry and alternative methods to plastic and chemical uses. Raised 450 hectares of agro-forestry beneficial for ecology and livestock thus to livelihood, 15000 medicinal and fruit bearing plants were planted, developed bio-gas-mass initiatives, distributed 8000 cloth bags, introduced 8 types of fertilizers, manures and pesticides under bio-technology and organic ways.
  • Conducted awareness creation, tree based farming, agro-forestry development activities over the past 8 years covering 25 villages of three districts.
CARES General Competence on
  • Preparation of DPRs
  • Forestry and Bio-diversity/environment
  • Women Development – Skills development and income generation
  • Micro-finance for rural livelihoods
  • Agriculture and natural resource management
  • Animal welfare
  • Participation and sharing
  • Education and Child Welfare
  • Reporting and Field Studies
  • Managing and team leadership
  • MIS of various forms
  • Documentation and feasibility/analytical studies
  • Land Survey, planning and estimation
  • Bio-Mass Estimation and Bio-Tech Products
  • Drawing expert in computer using modern software for engineering structures, maps and model designing.
  • Studies on Rural, Bio-Diversity, Natural Resources Issues and Solutions


CARES’ has a team exclusively set up for conducting studies on various issues at par with its Core Values and also to take-up feasibility studies and market analysis studies too.
The Studies, Research and Solutions of CARES can be seen in its successful implementation of few projects that also exemplifies the expertise and dedication of CARES and its wing responsible for the same. They are; “Banana based Fiber Extraction and Crafts Making”, “Eco-restoration over forest fringe villages” towards the Efforts for the Protection and Conservation of Wild Life Habitats and natural Re-growth of forest tree cover implemented over the fringe villages of NSTR and “Water Conservation & Judicious Use” aiming to stop wasting water on ground of “Superstitious Beliefs”.
The Situation of the Uppalapadu Bird sanctuary which is the oldest and rare natural bird sanctuaries of south India over the Deccan Plateau is an inevitable and urgent attentive one to be worked out. And also the concept of Water Saving and Judicious use that CARES successfully managed also need to be implemented over other areas irrespective of regions and classification like urban and rural etc.