Child Rights, Rehabilitation and Welfare Initiatives

CARES’ caring for the street, orphan, vagrant, PLHIV, destitute children

Children constitute principal assets of any country. Children’s development is as important as the development of material resources and the best way to develop national human resources is to take CARES of children. These are many orphan and many semi-orphan street children who have no one to fall back on and more pathetically they are totally or partially denied of childhood and even a hope for future at a tender age roaming, wandering and begging for food on footpaths, railway stations and sleeping on stations, under abandoned buildings and on footpaths too. CARES extends to them CARES, rehabilitation, education – their LOST CHILDHOOD!!

CARES and Children

CARES implements various activities and projects for the rehabilitation, welfare and education of the children of all categories of rural and urban areas. Some of our regular and main projects are: Orphan cum Rehabilitation Homes, Child Rights Campaigns, Supporting Educational Materials/books/scholarships/uniforms/hostel materials for poor hostlers, special rehabilitation of orphan and PLHIV street children etc.

CARES and Education

AT CARES the sharing of knowledge and wisdom that have and can bring an indispensable changes among people of all categories of ages are EDUCATION only! Education is one of the prime founding objectives of CARES and it gives utmost priority in providing education and enhancing educational opportunities to the deserving children in many ways irrespective of any sort of priority except with the priority of mostly rural areas and urban slums.

CARES runs 3 Orphan Homes over three districts of Andhra Pradesh providing shelter, rehabilitation and all round development of Orphan street/Destitute/vagrant/PLHIV children whom CARES has found and rescued from railways stations, streets, and hazardous works and also from bonded labour situations. These children also have Rights, Privileges and all as of other children! The situation of children with HIV/AIDS transmitted from their parents, who died, is so pathetic that even the relatives too are afraid to adopt them and thus they become delinquents. CARES took the initiatives with the meager support of GGM India and local people, providing them food, shelter, education and skill development too.
These are the ongoing Campaigns that was started in 2015-16 onwards and so far it covered 3 districts and more than 150 villages and 25000 people from school teachers, academicians, CBOs, NGOs, Youth clubs, Politicians, Trade unions, Media, line departments etc.
CARES supports children of rural, tribal and urban slums to have education without getting drop out and with ease. Our support includes educational materials like Books, Notes, Pencils, Pens, Bags, Small Dictionaries, Uniforms, Scholarships, Plates and Geometrical boxes and other sports & recreational items too.
CARES is active in conducting time to time selecting utmost needy areas’ schools and children groups the activities like Sports Competition, Arts Competition, Essay & elocutions, speeches, interactive session with city children, general knowledge competitions etc. and with the involvement of Students’ unions, Parent – Teacher associations, local PRIs and public distribute prizes and cash prizes too.


  • Andhra Pradesh has 3.1 crores children below 18 years of age that constitute 41 percent of the state’s population.
  • One out of 15 children die before they reach the age of one year and 1 of 62 children die before attaining five years of age
  • 7.3 percent of babies in AP born with birth weight less than 2.5 kg
  • Of every 100 pre-school children in the state 54 suffers from malnutrition , 72.3 percent children in the State suffer from anaemia
  • Of every 100 children of 5-14 years age group 26 continue to be out of school.
  • Of every 100 children who are enrolled 32 do not reach secondary level.
  • Of every 100 children who are enrolled 53 drop out before they complete secondary level and 64 drop out before completing 10th class
CARES’ value
Children born to this world and if they are abandoned, wandering on streets without homes, live on begging, working as bonded labourers in front of our eyes for not of their faults, is of our responsibility to rehabilitate and provide them a life of CHILDHOOD!
According to the data, our observation and study show that there are more than 40000 destitute/orphan and nomadic children only in the two cities of Guntur and Vijayawada. Street children vary across cities and regions but a majority of these children are boys. It is also important to note girl street children are often not found in visible spaces and hence hard to trace. Age wise 40% of the street children are between 11-15 years while another 33% are between 6-10 years age group. A study found that majority (89.8%) of children live on the street with their parents/family. There are number of factors that lead children to living on the street; one root cause identified was poverty.
From the parents:
  • Do not take your child to work along with you and send (accompany) your child to school
  • Watch your children at school and inquire progress of your child
  • Participate in community meetings and strengthen & support community committees and its actions
  • Stopping violence against children and respect & protect (not neglect) your child’s rights
  • Strictly not to have marriage of your tender-age girls; which is equal to sending for suicide